Hot Mamas - Nursing Friendly Alternative Gear!

Hot Mamas - Nursing Friendly Alternative Gear!

Posted by Kitty Corbyn on

Since the birth of baby Jackson, I've been introduced to the wonderful (and messy) world of breastfeeding. Suddenly, you have to think about every outfit and how accessible your boobs will be; how easy it will be to feed in public and whether you can squeeze your newly inflated bust into it. There's a whole new world of nursing clothes out there, but if mumsy florals and endless tunics aren't your thing, what's a girl to do?

Once I had got over the equal awe and terror of having a tiny new human, I decided that I wanted to rock my own style without surrendering to expensive clothes with booby holes that I didn't even like. 'One up/One down' dressing became my lifesaver - I'll explain how with some hot picks from our store.

1) The shirt dress 

It's no secret that rockabilly gals love dresses. This gorgeous and colourful floral retro dress is easy for feeding - just unbutton the front and you're good to go. A crop vest underneath means you can do 'One up/One down' feeding if you want to be discreet. Shirt dresses have that fifties pin-up vibe which, with a bandana and a slick of lipstick, will  turn you into one hot mama!

2) Cropped and relaxed fit tees


For comfy days when you still want to look cool, nothing beats a T-Shirt. The cropped Twisted Fast Food tee is bright and fun with the ever popular skull motif and I love the sexy accents of black skull lace. With a vest underneath, it's easy to lift this top for feeding.


Similarly, the Audrey Hepburn Inked Tee by Toxico has rocking tattoo vibes whilst making for comfy and easy nursing. The loose batwing style sleeves mean you can even access a boob from the side - bonus!

3) Loose and floaty longline vests

Obvious, really - easy to lift whilst skimming over wobbly postpartum belly. The death clock steampunk vest has a pretty trapeze style hem which is longer at the back (which, I have to add is really awesome thanks to black skull lace and bows on the shoulders). If, like me, you have ink on your ribs and back, you can show it off through the lace and immediately feel less frumpy. The skull and roses tank top is another sweet alternative piece, with an edgy print on the front and wicked skull cutout detail on the back. 

4) Cardies and capes!

This loose cardigan by Iron Fist is so good for feeding it's almost like it was made for us alternative mamas. It has a loose, wrap style fit that you can feed really discreetly in and wrap your little monster at the same time. I haven't tried and tested this, but the relaxed fit could even be good for babywearing. Let's talk about the badass Fairisle skull print too - even bah humbugs can get down with that for a Christmas sweater!

I've been twiddling my thumbs over the practicalities of outdoor feeding in winter and come to the conclusion that a cape is the answer. Easy, right? Just lift it and feed! I love the retro vibes of this green, faux fur collar cape. It's really cosy and looks stunning over skinny jeans and boots. 

5) Cosy Onesies

Co-sleepers will appreciate a comfy but cool onesie. The skull and crossbones onesie couldn't be easier - just zip it down for access to boob. If poppers are your thing and you might be a bit of a comic nerd like me, the batgirl onesie is your solution. Install yourself on the sofa, add baby and chocolate and a onesie will become your new best friend!

These are just some ideas. Now that I'm breastfeeding, the first thing I think when I look at an item of clothing is "Can I breastfeed in it?" Luckily, the answer is usually YES! 





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