We're back... the UK's Number one Alternative clothing and fashion des

We're back... the UK's Number one Alternative clothing and fashion destination!

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Well, it’s been a while, but we are happy to say that we are back, with our tasty dish; bigger and better. With a new shiny blog for you all. As you know this year has been extraordinary and there have been so much change in the world. We have all had to adapt and take solace in our hobbies and interests over this time.

 We will be bringing you information, fun ideas for you to try out and generally opening the world of Alternative to you. We will be exploring the different styles within the Alternative scene primarily focusing on fashion, touching on music, and venturing into the world of alternative home decor and lifestyle, incorporating our love of the weird, wonderfully unique and different.

 So what is Alternative fashion I hear you say. Alternative fashion is the style given to clothing trends which have not complied to the mainstream fashion trends which you would normally find in the stores up and down high streets and translated from above, from the designer brands. The term ‘Alternative’ generally encompasses such scenes as Punk, Rockabilly, Goth, Hip Hop, Lolita and Emo to name a few (but certainly not limited to these). The whole concept of Alternative, also referred to as ‘Alt fashion’ is the idea of going against the grain, rejecting and not conforming to the popular fashion trends of the time. This often leads to very artistic and exaggerated looks and outfits.

 Alternative subculture is a fairly modern development, but has always been a magnet for those who wish to live outside the social norms, behaviours and styles. Deeply routed within music, art and fashion, many of these iconic subcultures can still be seen on the streets today. There are always new subcultures evolving, and include such newer emerges of New-Age Goths, New-Age Steampunk and Bronies for example (to name a few). The main subcultures originated during the 20th Century (while taking inspiration from previous eras) however with the advance of technology, since the turn of the millennia there has been a wave of niche trends which can come and go as quick as you can update your social media account. Just remember, that even though these subcultural trends used to be deemed as youthful phases, the fashions are not limited by age, sex or lifestyle. Most importantly we want to remind you that fashion is about creating your own unique style, not being afraid to experiment and most of all, having fun!  

 The team here at Eggnchips Headquarters have been working hard to make sure we have the latest brands for you to choose from to compliment your desired look and wardrobe. Although in this blog we won’t be going into the history or extensive detail of the different subcultures, make sure you watch out for future posts which will explore these. In the meantime, have a look at what we have to offer to your chosen outfits.

 First off, for those that appeal to rebellious Punk fashion, check out from Dead Threads and Banned Apparel. A great selection of tartan designs ranging from skirts, to trousers. Have a look at the lovely tartan bondage strap trousers we have in stock Available in a popular tartan, and featuring adjustable straps, multiple pockets and zip detailing they are sure to help you stand out in a crowd. https://www.eggnchipsclothing.co.uk/products/dead-threads-four-pockets-ladies-red-tartan-trousers?_pos=20&_sid=338a26cb6&_ss=r

         Black and White Zebra Dress     Destroy and rebuild Tshirt      Four pockets tartan trousers  

 For those of you who are looking to home in your 50’s vibes with a Rockabilly outfit then we have the perfect clothes for you to dress in. We have a range of men’s shirts to fit your look or amazing printed dresses. Don’t forget that the look is from head to toe, and grab some hair accessories or heels to complete it. We especially love this shirt for the Rockabilly guy. https://www.eggnchipsclothing.co.uk/collections/mens-shirts/products/dead-threads-mens-black-and-white-squares-shirt

        Men's Black and White Squares Shirt             Women's Pearl Dress             Ceyshelles Handbag

Finally but not least, if you prefer the darker side of life as a Goth. We have a massive range of garments you are sure to love whichever subcategory of Goth your preference maybe. Brands such as Dracula Clothing, Poizen Industries and Queen of Darkness to anme a few of the fabulous brands. Don’t forget to complete your outfit with a pair of New Rocks of Hade shoes.


       Queen of Darkness - Long Skirt with rings and side pockets       https://www.eggnchipsclothing.co.uk/products/hades-shoes-zetta-spinal-heels?_pos=4&_sid=4b23cf943&_ss=rDracula Clothing - Red Evil Queen Steampunk Coat

 That’s all from us now, but be sure to keep an eye out for our next post and hot new products we have coming in!



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