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Top Cards - Cluedo Card Game

Top Cards

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Colonel Mustard, Mrs Peacock and the other famous Cluedo characters are up to no good. Dr Black is the victim of foul play but this time the guilty party has escaped the mansion. What vehicle was used to make the getaway and where is the culprit headed? Did Miss Scarlett hop into the flashy motor car and speed off to Stonehenge? Or did Professor Plum pilot a seaplane to reach Loch Ness? As a detective, it's your job to solve the mystery. There are hundreds of possibilities but, only one solution.

Just as in the Cluedo boardgame, you'll use a note sheet to track the information you obtain from your interrogations. Action cards pace the game and provide new ways to get clues. Be the first to work out who committed the crime, how they are making their escape and where they're headed and you win! There is also an 'All Against One' version of play where one player is the guilty party and has to try to escape the others.

Cluedo Card Game Details

  • 60 Cards
  • 9 Picture Tiles
  • Score pad and rules
  • Players 2 to 5
  • Manufacturer's recommended age 8 years +
  • Time to learn: 8 minutes
  • Time to play: 45 minutes per game



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