Hades Shoes - Ripley Stiletto Purple Heels

Hades Shoes - Ripley Stiletto Purple Heels

Hades Shoes

  • £144.99

Hades must be as dangerous and talented as the famous Mr Ripley to create these awesome heels! The studded and spiked metal heel and platform make these shoes truly different. Check out the badass spinal stiletto heel and chunky studded platform - they've been expertly crafted to make you stand out from the crowd. The peep-toe upper is in rich, glossy purple which really sets off the chrome detail. For super-hot legs, these heels would look out of this world with skinny jeans and a corset. Order a pair now and we'll treat you to free UK delivery (or unbeatably fast international shipping if you live abroad). You're fully covered under our no quibbles money back guarantee, just in case. Believe it or not, these Ripley heels will add a whole new dimension to your wardrobe.

Ripley Stiletto Purple Heels Key Details

  • Molded ABS Chrome Skeleton Heel
  • Spiked Rivets
  • Chunky Studded Platform
  • Open Toe
  • Fantastic Price
  • Awesome Quality
  • FREE UK Delivery
  • Worldwide Shipping




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