Hades Shoes - Rhino Tan Studded Sneakers

Hades Shoes - Rhino Tan Studded Sneakers

Hades Shoes

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So, you were never any good at sports - you can still rock it in these wickedly steampunk sneakers! Fearsome spike studs along the toe and heel add real punk attitude, with custom flame buckles and a quilted riveted tan upper for that contrasting antique feel. For true steampunk flavour, a clockwork butterfly made of cogs and gears completes the look. These sneakers will transform striped skinny jeans; perfect for days when you want to be casual but still rock your alternative style. Order a pair now and we'll treat you to free UK delivery (or speedy international shipping if you live overseas). Our no quibbles money back guarantee is there to protect you, just in case. Sprint for these wicked sneakers before they run out!

Rhino Steampunk Sneakers Features

  • Front lace-up design, quilted stitching with metal studs.
  • Hades' signature metal butterfly.
  • The spikes on the toe and heel are a Hades punk rock touch.
  • The 1.5in hidden wedge makes this sneaker extremely comfortable and gives the wearer that added height.
  • Part of Hades signature sneaker series.
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • FREE UK Shipping
  • Worldwide Shipping Available



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