Mister Jack - The Man Behind Egg and Chips – Egg n Chips London

Mister Jack - The Man Behind Egg and Chips

Mister Jack also known as Jack Corbyn, is an award winning entrepreneur, recording artist, musician, songwriter and 2-time YouTube number one. As a recording artist, he brings us a fusion of pop, punk and ska with a hint of british humour. As a YouTuber he brings us entertainment. As an entrepreneur he brings us cutting edge alternative fashion since 2008.


"Don't try telling Egg and Chips Clothing founder Jack Corbyn he can't do something." - Smarta Business

"Great personality, you know we want to see him as an on-air personality" - Pax Stereo Tv

"Dismiss Mister Jack, at your peril" - BRFM Radio

"Very good guest, Mister Jack" - On FM Radio

"An online sensation" - Zap Bang Magazine




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