Hades Shoes - Zephyr Stiletto Platforms

Hades Shoes - Zephyr Stiletto Platforms

Hades Shoes

  • £173.99

You will totally love these stunning Zephyr Stiletto heels, you're not going to even want to take them off. They look stunning and feel even better. They have chrome plated multi-piece spinal heel guaranteeing your friends will be going mad over your new shoes. These are 100% leather, if your vegan we have other Hades Shoes which are vegan leather. If you feel concerned about them fitting, then don't worry they've got adjustable ankle bracelets and custom silver flame buckles. You'll be sexy, sassy and steampunk with style once you get these bad boys on. Take advantage of FREE UK delivery or if you're from abroad, don't worry we ship worldwide with safe, secure services with competitive prices.

Zephyr Stiletto Heels Key Details

  • Chrome plated multi-piece spinal heel
  • 100% leather upper
  • Adjustable Ankle Bracelet
  • Custom silver flame buckles
  • Amazing Fit
  • Fabulous Price
  • Awesome Quality
  • FREE UK Shipping




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