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About Us

So you want to know about Egg and Chips? Fair enough, it's a pretty simple dish, easy enough to make, delicious to eat... oh wait, sorry, my mistake... you wanna know about a bit more about us!

Here at Egg n Chips we're committed to providing you with high quality alternative clothing and accessories, all stocked without compromise. If you're a fan of tattoos and all things alternative you're sure to find something you like right here; and best of all, it's cheap as chips. With a range that varies from punk clothing to rockabilly heels, we've sourced all our items from our favourite brands available; Hades Shoes, Jawbreaker, Vixxsin, Iron Fist, and Abbey Dawn to name just a few.

With a website that's simple to navigate, delicious clothes on offer and cheap as chips prices, why look any further for the coolest clothes around?

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