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Hades Shoes - Black Oxford Stiletto Platforms

Hades Shoes

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Gorgeous new Oxford Stiletto Platforms, destined to be your favorite pair of shoes. They have custom Steampunk metallic plated heel with butterfly logo & gears. These are sure to show of those sexy legs with adjustable side buckles, 2-tone black Oxford pumps with adjustable front laces & inner zipper. You are destined to look like one hot steam punk bombshell in these bad boys. 


Black Oxford Stiletto Platforms Benefits

  • Custom Steamunk Metallic Plated Heels
  • Butterfly Logo & Gears
  • Adjustable Side Buckles
  • Adjustable Front Laces & Inner Zip
  • FREE UK Shipping
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Shipped from our US headquarters in California.




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